Tango Dance Styles

Milonguero Style Tango: Tomas Howlin (Montreal) is a Milonguero Maestro dancing here with Shorey Myers.

Notes for the leader: Notice how Tomas: - Expresses care and gentleness in each move. - Is not in a rush, nor does he rush the follower. He waits for her to finish her movement. - Leads each move with the intent of an ‘invitation’, rather than forcing the follower to move a certain way. Therefore, if at times the follower did not ‘read’ your lead correctly or you made a mistake, a good leader is able to reconnect through weight changes or awareness. - Leads with clarity and non-hesitation. - Has Musicality. This makes his dance fun and enjoyable. - Does not look at the follower’s feet. He has cultivated a complete awareness of where she is (i.e., which leg has her weight at all times).