We offer ongoing classes in Argentine Tango, Swing, Irish dancing, Cha-Cha, Lindyhop. We also offer Qi-Gong and Tai-Chi. 


Argentine Tango is known to be the most sensual dance which an improvised social dance originating in Argentina with African roots with integration of many cultures, people and music  creates Tango.  Argentine Tango is recognized as World Dance, and the power of embrace that connects the world makes it very powerful. 

Come and join our growing Argentine Tango community here in Bangor area.  We offer Beginner's, Intermediate and Advanced classes.  We also host regular social dance events in here at Noh Way School. Check out Calendar for upcoming events and classes.


Tai-Chi is an internal Chinese martial art practised for both its defense training and its health benefits. We practice 37 posture Yang Style Tai-chi, along with Qi-Gong exercises. It is also typically practiced for a variety of other personal reasons:  building Strength, flexibility, helping with arthritis, circulating the blood, building immune system, moving in synchronized with breath and arms and legs harmonize the mind, body, spirit.  Its hard and soft martial art technique, practiced in very relaxed matter, understanding of being a tree, demonstration.


As a result, a multitude of training forms exist, both traditional and modern, which correspond to those aims. Some of t'ai chi ch'uan's training forms are especially known for being practiced with relatively slow but never ending, fluid movements like the water flowing in the river.

Irish Dance

Irish dancing or Irish dance is a group of traditional dance forms originating in Ireland which can broadly be divided into social danceand performance dances.

Swing dance" is most commonly known as a group of dances that developed with the swing style of jazz music in the 1920s-1950s.


Noh Way School offers lessons in Swing dance- Cha-Cha and Lindy Hop.  Also, West Coast Swing as well!