New Beg's Argentine Tango Course 1
March. 17- April 21 ( 6 weeks) Sign up:  Limited space

What: Excellent class to start if you were looking to try Argentine Tango. Or if you wanted to brush up your basics, refresh the memory, this is a really good opportunity. In this Class we will understand the principle of Argentine Tango, the art of walking, connection between the partners, our own body postures, simple but fundamental figures of Tango;  cross, ochos,  cortado, media luna etc.

No partner's necessary, but partners encouraged, in the class we will rotate among all the leaders and all the followers.


When:  Tuesdays 6:30-8:00 pm(90min)

Price: $75/single,  $140/couple
Instructor: Shiwa Noh. If you have questions, call or email Shiwa!

Phone: (917) 579-8443

Intermediate Argentine Tango Class Tuesdays

March 17-21 (6 weeks) Session 1


This is intermediate / advance Argentine tango class.  Basic foundation of Argentine tango is required.  The class is in much faster and more complicated steps.  And, We will be focusing on Choreography for the shows in the Spring.  Please acquire to Shiwa about the class.   Continue of refinement of the steps and qualities of Dancing.  

When:  every Tuesdays 8:00-9:30 Class                                      

Price:  $75/single, $140/couple  Drop in $15/person/night

For more information:  (917)579-8443

Waltz, Swing, Cha-Cha, Lindy-Hop,/Swing
Schedule subject to change. Please contact on Facebook for updates!


Every Monday:

   6:00-6:45 pm:  Social Dance 101

   6:45-7:30pm:  Swing



Price: $40 /4 weeks per person / We recommend you bring a partner. You are welcome to join anytime. Can take only 45 min class as well, $20/4 weeks.  


Instructor: Terence Lee

Té y Tango Sunday afternoon

Winter Spring season we are gathering on Sundays to enjoy the Tango classes and have practicas after the class.


When:  Sundays 2:00-3:00 Beginner Class

                            3:00-3:30 Intermediate class

                            3:30-5:00 Practica

Cost:  $10/person

For more information  Shiwa Noh:


Follow us on our Facebook:   Noh Way School



Irish/Scottish Step Dance Lessons

Includes:  Irish Steps in soft and hard shoes, Scottish Strathspey, Hornpipes, Irish Ceili Dancing, Sean nos.

Wednesdays 4:30-5:30pm 

Price: $32/4 weeks

Instructor: Pauleena, If you have questions, email/call her!
Email: or

Phone: 207-429-1976

Tai-chi (Taiji)Chuan /Qi-gong Classes


For schedule, please call Shiwa @ 917-579-8443

Or visit out Facebook page: 


All levels are welcome, in the class we will be practicing Qi-Gong, synchonizing our movements to the breath, opening up our energy gates.  Yang Style Form is taught, the students are taught one movement at a time, so that they have practice time to link all the sequences, which eventually will perform by own.  

Tai-chi is a great way to improve your balance, strength, flexibility, connecting oneself from within, and agility of movements.



Tai-chi:  Sundays 10:00-11:30am ($15/class)

Qi-Gong:  includes in the beginning of the tai-chi class

Instructor:  Shiwa Noh

Contact:, (917)579-8443